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Wednesday, May 8, 2013



Choose the best option to complete each of the following sentences.
  1. It is _________that she works 16 hours a day.
A. say B. says C. sayed D. said
  1. Hillary and Norgay were the first one _________Everest.
A. climb B. climbs C. to climb D. climbing
  1. James likes climbing mountain. He has just joined a _________club.
A. climb-mountain B. climbing-mountain C. mountain-climbing D. mountain-climb
  1. Have you ever tried Japanese food?
A. use something to find out if you like it B. make a preparation for
C. eating a small amount of food D. recognize flavors in food
  1. Mary told Helen that she was tired of eating fish _________summer.
A. this B. that C. the D. Ø
  1. It is a custom to give presents at Christmas.
A. tradition B. habit C. hobby D. rule
  1. It’s cold outside! Don’t go out _________your coat.
A. with B. without C. in D. wearing
  1. Bob had someone _________his house.
A. paint B. paints C. painted D. painting
  1. John said he couldn’t repair the car the _________day.
A. before B. following C. this D. that
  1. _________is a person whose job is to put in and repair pipes and baths.
A. Plumber B. Gardener C. Florist D. Inventor
  1. These computers are made _________Australia.
A. in B. from C. of D. by
  1. The _________festival is a festival in which people have their bulls fight against each other.
A. whale watching B. bull-fighting C. mountain-climbing D. ice-skating
  1. The teacher told us _________ talk.
A. not to B. not C. don’t D. didn’t
  1. The -ing form of ‘sit’ was spelled _________a double t.
A. with B. by C. without D. of
  1. We used to go and fetch milk _________the farm.
A. from B. at C. to D. in
  1. Jane had the waiter _________her some tea.
A. bring B. brings C. to bring D. brought
  1. The fish has gone.
A. has left B. has happened C. has moved D. has disappeared
  1. James told me why he went home early two days _________.
A. before B. ago C. following D. previous
  1. The journey from the airport to the university_________ about an hour and a half.
A. spends B. takes C. want D. passes
  1. Vietnam is a country that exports a lot of rice.
A. sells and transports goods to another country
B. buys goods from another country into one’s own country
C. plants something in the ground and looks after it
D. produces something
Change into the passive voice.
1. We haven’t moved anything since they sent you away to cure you.
2. We are to pity rather than despise these homeless boys.
3. I can assure you I will arrange everything in time.
4. My parents did not let me go to school this morning because I was sick.
5. They say that he is the richest man in the town.
6. We say Dr. Johnson leave his office at 4 o’clock this afternoon.
7. Mother has promised me a bike if I pass the exam.
8. They awarded him the first prize for his good deed.
9. Scientists began to carry out researches on AIDS in 1980.
10. He ought to have finished the report yesterday.
Read the passage and choose the best answer to each of the following questions.
One of the festivals in the Buddhist tradition is called Vesak. It takes place in April or May, and it lasts for three days. The festival celebrates the life of the Buddha, and it also marks the beginning of the Buddhist year. During the festival, Buddhists decorate their houses and streets with flowers and paper lanterns. They give presents to monks and to poor people, and they send each other cards. In India, they sometimes buy birds in cages and set them free.
  1. What is Vesak?
  1. When does it happen?
  1. How long does Vesak last?
  1. What do people do?
  1. What do they buy birds for?
Put the verb into the correct form, present simple or past simple, active or passive.
1. It’s a big factory. Six hundred people (employ) ________________there.
2. Water (cover) ________________most of the Earth’s surface.
3. The park gates (lock) ________________at 7 p.m. every evening.
4. The letter (post) ________________a week ago and it (arrive) ________________yesterday.
5. The boat (sink) ________quickly but fortunately everybody (rescue) ________________.
6. Her mother (die) ________when she was very young. She and her brother (bring) ________________ up by their grandparents.
7. Daisy was born in London but she (grow) ________up in the north of England.
8. While I was on holiday, my camera (steal) ________________from my hotel room.
9. Why (Peter/resign) ________________his job? Didn’t he enjoy it?
10. The company is not independent. It (own) ________________by a much larger company.
Rewrite these sentences as directed.
1. They didn’t give me the money.
2. They asked her some difficult questions at the interview.
3. Brown’s colleagues gave him a present when he retired.
4. Nobody told us that Jack was ill.
We weren’t
5. How much will they pay you?
How much will you ?
6. I think they should have offered Minh the job.
I think Minh
7. Has anybody shown you what to do?
Have you ?
8. Who wrote this book?
Who was ?
9. Have you finished your work yet?
Has your ?
10. What is Hanh going to do?
What is ?
Change what Judy said to you into reported speech.
1. I’m living in Canada now.
2. My mother isn’t very well.
3. Kahn and Anna are getting married next week.
4. Julie has had a baby.
5. I don’t know what Britney is doing.
6. I saw Lily at a party in May and she seemed fine.
7. I haven’t seen Tommy recently.
8. I’m not enjoying my job very much.
9. You can come and stay at my flat if you are ever in Canada.
10. My car was stolen a few days ago.
Complete the sentences with “say” or “tell” in the correct form.
1. Linh ________________goodbye to him and left.
2. ________________us about your vacation? Did you have a good time?
3. Don’t just stand there! ________________something!
4. I wonder where Son is. He ________________he would be here at 7 o’clock.
5. Henry ________________me that he was fed up with his job.
6. The doctor ________________that she should rest for a few days.
7. Don’t ________________anybody what I ________________. It’s secret just between us.
8. ‘Did he ________________you what happened?’ ‘No, he didn’t _______________anything to me.’
9. Michael couldn’t help me. He ________________me to ask Bush.
10. Michael never____________ the truth. He always____________ lies.
Put the words in brackets in the correct order. All the sentences are questions.
1. house/when/was/built/this .
2. made/how/cheese/is
3. computer/when/invented/the/was
4. why/Tom/working/ isn’t/to day
5. what/coming/your/time/friends/are
6. concert/why/was/cancelled/the
7. Where/your/born/was/mother
8. why/you/the/to/party/come/didn’t
9. accident/how/the/happen/did
10. machine/why/this/work/doesn’t
Rewrite these questions as directed.
1. Where has Hanh gone?
Do you know ?
2. Where is the church?
Could you tell me ?
3. What’s the time?
I wonder
4. What does this word mean?
I want to know
5. What time did Nam and Loan leave?
Do you know ?
6. Is Linda going out tonight?
I don’t know
7. Where does Mr. Cao live?
Have you any idea ?
8. Where did we park the car?
We can’t remember
9. Is there a post office near here?
Can you tell me ?
10. What do you want?
Tell me
Complete the sentences below, using the correct form of the words in brackets.
1. A (mountain) ________________is a person who climbs mountains as a sport.
2. We need to work harder to remain (complete) ________________with other companies.
3. He is one of the front (run) ________________in the presidential election.
4. A (tradition) ____________is a person who prefers tradition to modern ideas or ways of doing things.
5. He has been an active (participate) ________________in the discussion.
6. They are semi-(final) ________________for the fourth year in succession.
7. Why do you have to be so (tidy) ________________?
8. They are famous Hollywood screenwriters, actors and (produce) ________________.
9. The story has attracted (world) ________________attention.
10. Is it (custom) ________________to tip hairdressers in this country?

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