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Wednesday, May 8, 2013



Choose the word or phrase that best completes each unfinished sentence below.
  1. An astronaut would be killed if he or she _______by a piece of rubbish.
A. was hit B. were hit C. was hitted D. were hitted
  1. Milk bottles can be _______after being cleaned.
A. collect B. thrown away C. broken D. reused
  1. Teachers ought not to swear in front of the children.
A. should not B. need not C. could not D. don’t have to
  1. It is not always easy _______good teaching materials in this field.
A. find B. to find C. finding D. for finding
  1. It is important _______students attend all the lectures.
A. that B. in order to C. to D. 0
  1. He began his talk _______an apology.
A. from B. with C. at D. on
  1. Your money is going to be _______if you’re not careful.
A. steal B. stealing C. stole D. stolen
  1. _______is waste from the body of a large animal such as an elephant or a cow.
A. Compost B. Dung C. Garbage D. Fertilizer
  1. She has already _______his cup five or six times.
A. refilled B. reused C. reduced D. recycled
  1. Your breakfast _______up to your room tomorrow morning.
A. will take B. will be take C. will taken D. will be taken
  1. Cloth bags ought _______used instead of plastic bags.
A. be B. to be C. been D. to been
  1. It’s _______to walk in the narrow and busy road.
A. danger B. dangers C. dangerous D. dangerously
  1. I threw _______all the broken toys.
A. aside B. away C. down D. in
  1. The rabbit ______by mistake.
A. may shot B. may be shot C. may shoot D. may be shoot
  1. The pizzas _______to your house.
A. will bring B. will brought C. will be brought D. will been brought
  1. What did she mean by_______ so early?
A. leave B. left C. leaving D. to leave
  1. Break the chocolate _______into squares.
A. up B. in C. on D. off
  1. All children’s shoes are now _______to $20 a pair.
A. reduced B. reused C. refilled D. recycled
  1. _______is a mixture of decaying plants and vegetables that is added to soil to improve its quality.
A. Compost B. Dung C. Trash D. Fertilizer
  1. The sea and rivers are too _______to swim in.
A. dirt B. dirty C. dirtily D. dirtiness
Write the correct tense of the verbs in parentheses.
1. What you (do) ________________ next week?
2. Our roommates (travel) ________________ to Tokyo next June.
3. The girl (learn) ________________ Chemistry at the moment.
4. What _________the officers (do) ________________ now?
5. If he (not get) ________________up early, he (be) ________________late for school.
6. Would you please (bring) ________________me a cup of milk tea?
7. The little girl wants (buy) ________________a few pens and pencils.
8. What should we (do) ________________ in the evening.
9. You may (stay) ________________at home on weekends.
10. We (get) ________________good marks if we (study) __________hard.
Read the following passage and choose the best answers each of the questions.
You can recycle many types of glass. Glass food and beverage containers can be reused and recycled many times. (In fact, only bulbs, ceramic glass, dishes, and window glass can’t be recycled.)
Glass is made from soda, ash, sand, and lime. If it’s thrown away, it stays there indefinitely because glass never breaks down into its original ingredients. To be recycled, glass is sorted by color, crushed into small pieces, and melted down into a liquid. Then, it is molded into new glass containers.

lime (n) nhựa/ indefinitely (adv) vĩnh viễn/ sort (v) phân loại
  1. Which of the following can be recycled?
A. glass food and beverage containers B. bulbs
C. ceramic glass D. dishes and window glass
  1. What does the word ‘reuse’ in line 1 mean?
A. use something again B. use all of something
C. throw something away D. not buying things which are overpackaged
  1. Glass _______.
A. is made from soda ash, sand, and lime B. stays there indefinitely if it’s thrown away
C. never breaks down into its original ingredients
D. all are correct
  1. What does the word ‘its’ in line 4 refer to?
A. glass B. soda ash C. sand D. lime
  1. When people recycle glass, they_______.
A. sort it by color and crush it into small pieces
B. melt it into a liquid
C. mould it into containers D. all are correct
Put the verb into the correct form, present continuous or present simple.
1. It’s known that air (consist) ________________mainly of nitrogen and oxygen.
2. Minh used to drink a lot of milk but today she (prefer) ________________tea.
3. We (think) ________________ it necessary for you to sell your car. You (not/use) ________________ it very often.
4. His brother (think) ________________of selling his motor. Would you be interested in buying it?
5. He told her his name but she (not/remember) _____________________ now.
6. Duy says he’s 60 years old now but no one (believe) ________________him.
7. Who is the man over there? Why _______he (look) ________________ at me?
8. Who is the girl sitting on that bench? What (she/want) ________________?
9. Are you thirsty? _________you (want) ________________ something to drink?
10. Kaka is interested in politics but he (not/ belong) ________________ to a political party.
Supply the correct form of the verbs in parentheses.
1. There has been some (reduce) ________________in unemployment.
2. The child is the (produce) ________________of a broken home.
3. Flowers are often (fertile) ________________by bees as they gather nectar.
4. He was the Queen’s (represent) ________________at the ceremony.
5. Workers should wear full (protect) ________________clothing.
6. His father is an (environment ) ________________health officer.
7. A (nature) ________________is a person who studies animals, plants, birds, and other living things.
8. He got into (difficult) ________________while swimming and had to be rescued.
9. A service was held in (remember) ________________ of local soldiers killed in the war.
10. I can’t think of any possible (explain) ________________ for his absence.
Complete the following sentences with the correct form of the words in parentheses.
1. These statistics are not very (mean) ________________.
2. She’s been working there since the (begin) ________________ of last summer.
3. Modern computers can (organ) ________________ large amounts of data very quickly.
4. The talk was both (inform) ________________and entertaining.
5. There are some obvious (practice) ________________applications of the research.
6. He was taken to the police station for (question) ________________.
7. A (collect) ________________ farm is a large farm, or a group of farms, owned by the government and run by a group of people.
8. He’s (wonder) ________________fit for his age.
9. Remove dead leaves to encourage new (grow) ________________.
10. The explosion (complete) ________________ destroyed the building.
Complete the sentences using one of these verbs in the correct form.
-write- translate- cause- damage- hold- include- invite- make- overtake- show- bear-
1. A lot of accidents ________________ by careless drivers.
2. Do you know that cheese ________________ from milk?
3. The roof of that house ________________ in a storm a week ago.
4. There’s no need to leave a trip. Service ________________ in the bill. Don’t you see it?
5. Khanh and you ________________ to the party. Why didn’t you go?
6. People know that a cinema is a place where films ________________.
7. It’s said that in France, elections for President ________________ every four years.
8. Originally these books ________________ in Chinese and a few years ago they ________________ into Vietnamese.
9. They were driving along quite fast but they ________________ by many other cars.
10. All of us know that Uncle Ho ________________ in Nam Dan, Nghe An in 1890.
Supply the correct prepositions.
1. The workers can’t make ________their minds yet.
2. Nam, let’s go somewhere ________a drink!
3. Her mother wants to go ________a trip to Paris.
4. Wine and beer aren’t good ________you.
5. Are you sure ________your plan, Minh?
6. Their aunt wants to stay ________home.
7. The boys are going ________the school canteen, aren’t they?
8. The girl would like to buy a bar ________ chocolate.
9. You’ll be late ________the meeting if you don’t go to bed soon.
10. We aren’t afraid ________ snakes and spiders.
Put these words in their correct order to make meaningful sentences.
1. please / magazine / your / you / Would / me / lend / fashion/ ?
2. white/ would / Her / a / coffee / brother / like / cup / of /.
3. some / I / juice / have / may / more / orange ?
4. teachers /to / carefully / students/ their / The / should / listen.
5. get / by /o’clock/ sure / home / to / back/ ten / Make.
6. wash / your / you / Remember / to / meals / hands / to / have / before.
7. family / go / Where/ you / picnic / your / for / the / did / a /and / ?
8. cinema / boy / often / the little / does / go / How / to / the ?
9. his / mother / him / His / gift / birthday / bought / sixteenth / for / that / on.
10. to / too / box / The / lift / woman / a / is / such / weak / big.
Change these sentences into Passive voice.
1. Somebody has cleaned the room.
2. They have postponed the correct.
3. They’re building a new road round the city.
4. We’re going to hold a party this weekend.
5. Sir Thomas gave the package to Henry yesterday.
6. People believe that Long is still alive.
7. You should have your uncle mend the ball.
8. His fans call him Bati Goal.
9. I haven’t finished the task yet.
10. She’ll solve the problem soon.
Write these sentences as directed.
1. It is expected that the strike will end soon.
The strike .
2. It is expected that the weather will be good tomorrow.
The weather is
3. It’s believed that the thieves get in through the kitchen window.
The thieves
4. It is reported that many people are homeless after the floods.
Many people
5. It is thought that the prisoner escapes by climbing over a wall.
The prisoner
6. It is alleged that the man drives through the town at 90 miles an hour. (suppose)
The man is
7. It is reported that the building has been badly damaged by fire.
The building
8. It is said that the company is losing a lot of money.
The company
9. It is believe that the company get a lot of money.
The company
10. It is expected that the company will lose money this year.
The company .
Find out and correct one mistake in each of the sentences.
1. It doesn’t look secondly-hand, it looks brand-new.
2. And the wine… it tastes sweetly, and I ask for dry!
3. No, it sounds perfectly… it sounds better than mine.
4. Yes, it smells terrifically. What kind is it?
5. I find it hardly to live on my salary.
6. The novel was interesting enough for I to read it many times.
7. This raincoat is too small for her to wear it.
8. The box was so heavily that the child couldn’t carry.
9. They said that Hanh and Nguyen is falling on love.
10. They reported to live in Vietnam.
Read the passage underlined the passive verbs.
Paper and paper products can be easily recycled. Cardboard, newspaper, and high-quality papers can all be recycled. Different kinds of paper - like newsprint and high-quality white paper - are sorted into separate piles because they are processed differently. Paper is recycled by shredding it into small pieces and mixing it with water. The mixture is beaten into mush, called pulp, that flows onto a moving screen where most of the water is taken out. Wood or paper fibers remain and the fiber is pressed through rollers that squeeze out more water. It is then dried in a steam-heated dryer. The result is recycled.

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